These documents refer to an obsolete way of installing and running FALCON. They will remain up for historical context and for individuals still using the older version of FALCON/FALCON_unzip.


The current PacBio Assembly suite documentation which includes new bioconda instructions for installing FALCON, FALCON_unzip and their associated dependencies can be found here pb_assembly

Quick Start Guide


The quickest way to install FALCON + FALCON_unzip is to download and run this install script:

Install script Tarball date Status 3/12/2018 8/08/2018 Beta
$ bash -ex /path/to/your/install/dir


This will clone the FALCON-integrate repository, FALCON_unzip binaries, build a virtualenv and launch a small test case assembly to ensure successful installation.

samtools and minimap2 must be installed separately and in your $PATH.

If you don’t see any errors, you will have installed FALCON/FALCON_unzip and successfully assembled and unzipped a small test dataset. At this point you should be ready to confidently launch a larger genome assembly.

To activate your FALCON_unzip virtualenv in the future:

$ source /path/to/your/install/dir/fc_env/bin/activate